You Have Been Served! Domesticating Subpoenas in Ohio

Ohio’s Adoption of the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act Legal practitioners looking to domesticate foreign state court civil subpoenas in Ohio should be aware of some changes that recently went into effect in Ohio after adoption of the Uniform Law Commission’s multi-state legal discovery framework for subpoenas, now set forth in revised R.C. §…

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Science Fiction of Jurisdiction – “Minimum Contacts” in a Quantum Internet of Things (QIoT)

The Quantum Internet of Things This may still be partly science fiction, but a recent article in the MIT Technology Review suggests that there is potential for another paradigm shift in our traditional understanding of data networking:   The article describes how researchers successfully “teleported” proton matter from Earth into orbit.  I can’t pretend…

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Brian Mulhall, From the Navy to the Law

Brian Mulhall - Mulhall Zion LLC

Brian C. Mulhall, who is graduating from the Law School, learned a lesson in a middle school summer wrestling program that became central to the way he approaches life. You cannot always control opportunities, his coach told him, but you can control your attitude and what you do with whatever comes your way. In five…

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