What’s Your 2019 Business Conditioning Plan?

Don’t end 2019 saying: “Well, there’s always next year.”

The final numbers are in for the 2018 business season. Were you as prosperous as you thought or planned to be when the clock ran out for the year? Every business needs a championship business conditioning plan for 2019 and Mulhall Zion is ready to help your business continue to grow and prosper:

Have you established a home field advantage?

Take a hard look at your company’s real estate footprint. It is important to evaluate if your space is continuing to yield profitable results. Renting can be beneficial, but it can also result in paying money into a black hole. Is it time to buy, sell, or renegotiate your lease? Having a cost-effective office space allows you to prioritize your finances in a way that benefits both you and your customers. Mulhall Zion can help your business evaluate its 2019 real estate needs and options.

Are you watching film?

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Time and time again teams dripping with talent go into a game with no plan and are taken down by an opponent with seemingly less-gifted players, but who took their time to build a winning strategy. The same can happen to a business that fails to be proactive in legally protecting business assets and good will. Mulhall Zion can help you ensure that your business maintains robust legal compliance in 2019 and minimizes the risk of costly and avoidable player errors.

Do you need help on offense or defense?

Sometimes the coin toss doesn’t go in our favor and we have to be ready for anything. In 2019 will your business respond in a way that is productive and not just reactionary? A team has both a defensive and offensive coordinator to decide what moves need to be made. Your legal team should be both. We at Mulhall Zion are here to be your outside counsel to make sure you are protected on defense and score on offense.

Let us help make 2019 the year you don’t finish with, “Well, there’s always next year.”

If you are a business owner and want help planning for 2019, please contact Mulhall Zion LLC at (216) 586-4278 in Ohio, or (240) 630-0407 in Maryland. 

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