Administrative Separation

You have just been told that you will be processed for administrative separation or “ADSEP’d.”
 What do you do now?  The best thing you can do is elect your right to speak with counsel and
finish the election of rights after speaking to a seasoned military justice attorney.  ADSEP is a
complex bureaucratic process, and it helps to have someone walk you through the decision
points and what to expect.  For Officers, the process is very different–it is often call “show
cause” proceedings and can involve what is called a Board of Inquiry—and it tends to be even
more complex and time-consuming.

For enlisted Sailors, be sure to read your Letter of Notification carefully.  Buried in the small
print is a very short timeline for election of your rights.  If you are notified and ask to speak with
counsel, you have 48 hours to return the completed form.  If you do not elect your rights within
48 hours, you have waived them.  This means you will not be able to present your case at an
ADSEP board, which is your best chance of being retained or at least receiving an honorable

If you need help with or have questions concerning enlisted or Officer administrative
separation, please contact Mulhall Zion LLC at (216) 586-4278 or [email protected]

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